In this lifetime, I have experienced both physical marriage and spiritual marriage.You might wonder, what’s the difference? Spiritual marriage is a contract co-created before both souls decided to meet in human form at the same time, at the same place. It is a partnership agreement of the highest Divine nature of God. Its purpose is to engage two souls, two humans in a special life mission, to be in service to our world.

Physical marriage takes place on this Earthly planet; it generally involves a period of dating, engagement, ceremony, celebration, the sharing of love and legal responsibility. I and my wife have been in a physical marriage for over two decades, we are two souls walking a path together through a myriad of human experiences.

It is one of the relationships through which I learned the most, awakened to myself and to another. Practiced (if a bit unskillfully) communication and negotiation with a side twist of tribulation.

This is where I became aware that you chose your physical spouse as a mirror, what bothers you in them, is in turn held up for full examination.

Physical marriage can be beautiful. It’s also challenging, requiring daily vigilance and attention. The minute you get distracted and forget to tune-in to the other person, it can easily slide into complacency or discord.

Physical marriage is also worth every moment. Connecting that deeply with another human being is sacred.

What Is Spiritual Marriage And How Does It Work

I’ve also been so honored to have experienced a spiritual marriage, on a very deep and meaningful level. Is a thread of recognition from many lifetimes past, the incredible ability to speak to each other through souls.

Spiritual marriage is a contract co-created before both souls decided to meet in human form at the same time, at the same place. Spiritual marriage is omnipresent, regardless of whether a couple is married in the physical realm. This soul connection can create confusion and pain in human terms, as sometimes the spiritual husband and the spiritual wife don’t get to be together, yet, let us not forget, they are eternally linked, a bond that cannot be broken by mere earthly concerns. Consider it the ultimate big picture viewpoint.

My spiritual marriage had the greatest impact on who I am, that’s why I’m walking this path, have the inspiration to write to you at this moment. We were both able to be fully witnessed and in turn, fully witness another.

What Is “Spiritual Marriage Really?”

Marriage is God-made, not man-made, but man has abused the high purpose of marriage. Spiritual marriage means to marry your soul to the eternal love of God. Without God no marriage can be successful. The purpose of marriage is to know God, to be with God together, but this has been forgotten.

If you attract a person by spiritual magnetism, you will then find your soul companion. Marriage is the communion of half-souls. In God we find the highest communion. Unless human love is spiritualized, it will be a canker on your soul. Unless you are spiritually-minded and your mate is the same, you can never be happy in your marriage no matter the income and benefits shared.

Do not try to attract the opposite sex through physical qualities, but through soul qualities. You cannot attract a spiritual soul through animal magnetism.  Living too much on the sex plane causes health and happiness to fly away. When you have formed a deep friendship with a person that nothing can destroy, a friendship that increases constantly and has no compulsion in it — then you will have found a true mate.

In women, feeling is uppermost and in man, reason is uppermost. In married life, men and women bring out the hidden feeling and reason in each other, each becoming more perfect. Every man or woman who has tried to substitute sex for these spiritual qualities has been disappointed. Reason and feeling in man and woman should be balanced. Like the softness of flowers, and the strength of steel, they are divine qualities.

God is the love of all those who ever loved. If you learn the higher forms of meditation, you are able to experience true spiritual marriage — that communion with God which is the most beautiful of all love. Remember, no marriage can find its true purpose without man and wife first seeking God together. In marriage, love also grows through service to each other. When a husband and his wife serves each other with the eternal inspiration of God — that is spiritual marriage.

People who rise above the physical plane and continuously strengthen their devotion find their oneness in God. When the love of two people burns as one flame, above the physical plane, it then has intoxicating eternal qualities. The marriage that is lived in self-control and intense spiritual preparation becomes emancipated.

Men and women should understand that within themselves is the germ of the Infinite. If you cannot find your soul companion, do not marry. It is better to remain single than to enter into a wrong marriage. Transmute matrimonial love into divine love, and uplift your consciousness from the sex plane to the plane of paradise.

You may also unite your feeling and reason by serving humanity. For all those who are unmarried and wish to remain so, their greatest duty in life is service to humanity. By having a larger family, you have earned the right not to have a smaller, more limited one.  If you have no children of your own, you can adopt or teach someone else’s children; live an ideal life, and instill in them your soul qualities. What you instill in the souls of children is imperishable. Anything you do that perpetuates your life is, in a sense, your child. Thus you fulfill your true purpose in life.

When Spirit Spouse Is The Real Problem In Your Marriage

How to know you have a spiritual husband or wife? Spiritual husband or wife is a spirit of Satan – a demonic spirit wanting destruction, distraction or even death. This spirit husbands or wives are not natural but spiritual though at certain levels they appear physically.

Mostly, you cannot see a spiritual husband or wife with natural eyes but you can see them spiritually; in dreams, visions, in action, etc

Spiritual husband and wife are both to the married and unmarried. Spiritual husband is for women while spiritual wife for men.

How do you know you have a spiritual husband or wife?

How To Know If You Have A Spiritual Spouse?

Millions and billions of men and women in the world today are trapped in evil spiritual marriages without knowing it. There are different types of evil marriages: There is a marriage between a man and a spirit, there is a marriage between a man and an idol; there is a marriage one gets into through the occult, and there is a marriage with the witchcraft and her wickedness.

Genesis 6:1-4, “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown”.

The sons of God here refer to angels or spirits who are taken by the beauty of the daughters of men and took them as wives. This was the origin of evil spiritual marriage. Remember God said, ‘My spirit shall not always strive with man’, meaning these sons of God are spirits.
Though the beings were later arrested and jailed according to the book of Jude 1:6, yet human beings through idolatry, witchcraft and occultism have brought these spirits back into play again, they still come to earth even in chains. The thing is they can no longer come physically because of the presence of the Holy Spirit and because they are bound, they still come in all forms through demonic and occult practices.

Some people, most especially women have seen their spirit husbands come to them physically, these cases are deep. There are cases in the occult where demons physically had sex with women. There are instances where people are introduced to bigger demons and are forced to marry theses spirits. In some cases there is even a covenant made when a wedding is done and ring and other paraphernalia is introduced. All these cases lead to spirit husband and wife habitation for them and their descendants.

In some cases it is familiar spirits. The familiar spirits are introduced from the womb. This normally happens when the parents of the victim has been involved in carrying sacrifices, rituals, consulting herbalists and mediums, had incisions or has been attacked with witchcraft. This familiar spirit gets into the person’s destiny as a spirit spouse and will deal with their victims in the area of child bearing or stop them from having one. They also molest their victims sexually in the dreams a lot. Even when one gets born again the spirit spouse hides in there until they are dealt with.

Some people are dedicated to idols, trees, altars, waters, and water spirits and so on. All evil dedications have a spirit spouse attached, they will be married to the spirit whether they want it or not. The idols of people’s families also harass them sexually in the dream.

Lastly is sex with the devil. Unknown to many that there are many familiar spirits and occult spirits in the world today that took the form of men and women and are attractive and many men and women has slept with them. The thing is these people (familiar) are so attractive and seductive that men and women easily fall prey to them. When one has sex with them they will become married in the spirit and the life of that person will be afflicted with sorrows. Even if the person leaves the partner alone the spiritual marriage will still be in place.

That is why God warned against sex before marriage (fornication) and sex outside marriage (adultery) because when one falls into the hands of these spirits through sex, the person is done. But if wedding/marriage occurs before sex, the spirit would not be able to attack the other person’s life as they have been lawfully married and became one flesh.

Basic godly marriage is if the two families agreed for you to marry each other and the families sits down and vows are exchanged and they welcome you into their families, enough! All the court wedding, white wedding, church wedding, mosque wedding are just rituals. Any sex outside marriage is risky as many have contacted wicked spirits through it.

Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Personal Deliverance
1. Oh Lord my God, Father in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I remove any evil ring the demonic agents put on my finger for destruction or any evil material that marries or connects me to any spirit or demon in the spiritual realm, right now in the name of Jesus of Nazareth I command you to catch fire and be destroy in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

  1. Fire of the Holy Ghost, blood of Jesus Christ, earthquake from the throne of God arise and break any demonic soul-tie between me and any spirit spouse that hold me hostage in the realm of the spirit in the mighty and precious name of Jesus Christ.
  2. With the finger and power of the Holy Ghost I remove any satanic and evil deposit of spirit wife or husband holding me hostage in the kingdom of the devil spiritually and physically, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I command you to come out of my life and catch fire of the Holy Ghost in the mighty and precious name of Jesus Christ.
  3. With the finger of the Holy Ghost I come against the mark of the devil upon my life spiritually or physically! In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I decree, Let every mark of hatred from the spirit spouse on my head be wiped off by the blood of Jesus Christ in the name mighty name of Jesus Christ.
  4. Thou covenant breaker, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth arise and set me free! Father, in your name let every covenant between me and spirit spouse that has kept me in relationship bondage be broken now spiritually and physically in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
  5. With the blood of Jesus Christ I decree that I am free from satanic bondage. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I decree, let every communion and agreement between me and spiritual wife or husband be nullified with the blood of Jesus in Jesus mighty and precious name.
  6. Thou owners of evil load where are you now? In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I decree, let every spiritual partner troubling me with evil load appear now and carry their evil load away from my life and destined marriage in the mighty and precious name of Jesus Christ.
  7. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I command with a declaration over my life that every evil mark of identification placed on me by any spirit spouse to identify me whenever they need me, in the name above every other name be broken by fire and the blood of Jesus in Jesus mighty and most wonderful name, Amen.
  8. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I command any evil contracted marriage placed on me to scatter by fire. Let every evil marriage in the spirit realm I am forced into by a spirit being be cut off by fire through the name Jesus in the mighty and precious name of Jesus, in Jesus name.
  9. Lord Jesus Christ, in your name I reject every property co-owned by the spirit spouse that gets me united with him or her in the name of Jesus Christ! Lord Jesus in your name once more I decree, let every property of spiritual wife or husband allocated to my portion be destroyed by fire of the Holy Ghost and with the blood of Jesus, in Jesus mighty name.
  10. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, as I renounce my relationship with the spirit spouse I decree that my marriage with my earthly spouse shall work in the mighty and precious name of Jesus Christ.
  11. You strange spirit monitoring me from one relationship to another, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I arrest you by the finger of the Holy Ghost and by that name Jesus Christ I decree that I shall break forth in the mighty and precious name of Jesus Christ.
  12. I bring my earth marriage, spouse, kids, destiny, office, job, business, company etc into the hands of the Almighty God. I decree in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I shall breakthrough and break forth with the help of the host of heaven spiritually and physically in the mighty and precious name of Jesus Christ.
  13. Hand of Jesus Christ that bring deliverance in the days of old, you are welcome into my life, family, marriage, spouse, children, even grandchildren for a permanent deliverance from the spirit husbands and wives in the mighty and precious name of Jesus Christ.
  14. Thou God of deliverance I say Thank you for my deliverance from the strange demon having an upper hands in my life in the time past. Thank you for perfecting your work in my life spiritually and physically in the mighty and precious name of Jesus Christ, in Jesus name.
  15. Now begin to cover yourself with the blood of Jesus Christ, decree that from henceforth no demon is permitted to touch or to harm you anymore! Decree that the blood has taken over your life spiritually and physically in the mighty and precious name of Jesus Christ.

You can read the full content in my book, Demons On The Marriage Bed.

From Dr. Felix A. Ezeukwu